Workplace Dividers

Social distancing is the name of the game these days, so in response to the current state of the world and the overall concern for safety in the workplace, one of our vendors, Clear Design, has developed various divider solutions to update the workplace. These chic and innovative dividers will be effective in preventing the spread of germs while not interrupting communication.

These unique fabric or acrylic dividers are not to be confused with the cubicle format. They give your employees their own space and keep them safe while maintaining their workspace in an open and breathable environment.

Quote from Clear Design Company about COVID-19

It’s terrific to see some of our vendors and suppliers taking strides towards safer workspaces in the NEW NORMAL. 

Our World is changing and the responsible thing to do is adapt accordingly. At InnSpace, we can help you design and renovate  your workspace or restaurant with all of your safety precautions in mind.

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From Clear Design’s “Rethink your Workspace”