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Project Brief

Dr. Jevon Clark has been willing and ready to renovate and modernize the Animal Clinic of Kalispell for some time now. The trouble was, he was having trouble finding a dedicated team willing to take over the renovation in its entirety. As a busy Veterinarian, he already worked many hours and wanted to make sure the project in full could be managed, from the design, procurement of goods, and construction needs. Staying in the budget was also a considerable concern. InnSpace was able to meet all of these expectations and completed Dr. Clark’s goals for the project, such as opening up the space, updating the fixtures, and making the clinic feel welcoming to his patients and their two-legged owners.


Animal Clinic of Kalispell



The Outcome

The InnSpace office is full of animal lovers, so this was an enjoyable change of pace from our usual renovations. With Dr. Clark's vision and needs, our team put together the initial Brushstroke, and the project kept moving forward from there with the combination of our Design, Procurement, and Construction team.

Throughout the process, we even got to help create custom, branded artwork for him to help finish out the design with floor decals, wall art, and an unforgettable portrait session of Ozzie, the Animal Clinic cat.

This project came together nicely and represents how fun and knowledgeable the clinic's crew is.



Design • Procure • Construct

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Glass door conference room Glass door conference room

A message from Dr. Clark.

Dear Inn Space crew,

I want to tell you all how very thrilled I am with this remodel. I am SO glad that I found you almost by happenstance a year ago. I had been trying for a very long time to figure out how to get my office remodeled but was having great difficulty getting contractors or designers to talk to me.  Most people wanted me to tell them exactly what I wanted; what fixtures, what colors, what design, what furniture. I work too much already and did not have time to do all of that. I needed a group that would give me proposals and designs and options which is what you did. From our first meeting I knew it was the right fit because even though this wasn't a multi-million dollar project, your entire team was excited about tackling it and making sure I was pleased with the results. On the rare occasion where I said "I'm not really in love with that", you didn't take it personally and figured out a few more different options and it always worked. I knew I wanted to change things up, but didn't know really what that might look like. I wanted my practice to be fresh and new and timeless and professional yet indestructible so no dog could accidentally ruin the facelift. I hoped clients would see the pride and drive for excellence we have in taking care of their pets reflected in the space in which we worked. I appreciate that you designers got to know me and made the design really match my personality and goals. Everything fits. The colors are fresh, custom artwork is perfect, the floor is fantastic, the doors are beautiful, lighting and furniture are fun and unique. I enjoyed trusting you! 

Another reason I knew this was a good fit was that you communicated a lot with me.  I tend to be direct (which sometimes gets interpreted as bossy), but you guys understood that's just how I talk and were not afraid to be direct back with me. I would email you (the only way I really have time to do anything) and would have responses back in a flash. You valued my time; on time meetings, staying on schedule, keeping me updated, contractors showing up on time all made my life easier through the process.

When it came to actual construction Nic was always on the same page as I was (or maybe it's the other way around). My brain never shuts off. I always have a thousand things on my plate but I pride myself on not letting anything drop.  I have this crazy drive for attention to detail and Nic shares. I quickly learned I NEVER had to wonder if he remembered some little thing I told him. Often he beat me to the punch. Man, that is so unusual in the world today and lifted an incredible amount of stress off me.  I appreciate how hard he worked to keep all the pieces of the machine working correctly.

In the end, I do not care what it cost, the value of what I spent is tremendous. I'm glad it's over but will kind of miss anticipating what new thing is next. I will not miss painting 🙂 I am happy to recommend you to anyone. 



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“Interior design and branding are very important to me... if you are serious about interior design, I can only recommend InnSpace as a partner.”

David Amrien | Mountain Meadow Herbs

“You valued my time; on meetings, staying on schedule, keeping me updated, and contractors showing up on time all made my life easier through the process.”

Dr. Jevon Clark | the animal clinic of Kalispell
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