Happy Birthday, Michelle Markham!

Happy Birthday, Michelle! Wishing you the very best, From all of us at InnSpace

Standing Desks, Students and Focus in the Classroom

The rise of the standing desk may appear to be a response to the modern, eat-at-your-desk, hunched-over worker chained to her computer, but history paints a different picture: Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson all stood while they worked. Donald Rumsfeld had a standing desk, and so did Charles Dickens. Workplaces are moving toward

Happy Birthday, Travis Holland!

Happy Birthday, Travis! Wishing you the very best, From all of us at InnSpace

InnSpace’s Faces

The faces of InnSpace. While every company is comprised of people, the people of InnSpace are a very special group! The amount of knowledge, experience, desire to learn, compassion and passion on this team is impressive. We look forward to meeting you and working with you and would love to bring our qualities to

Congratulations to FVCC!

FVCC continues to grow! Congratulations to Flathead Valley Community College (FVCC) for their continued growth and support of Kalispell and the Flathead Valley.  The Flathead Beacon released this article below on the unveiling of an $18M expansion plan. click here for Flathead Beacon article

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This chair could be yours!

This chair could be yours! InnSpace has donated one of our fully ergonomic office chairs to be given as a door prize at the Biz to Biz Blackout event on Tuesday, January 23; will you be the lucky winner? See you there! Interested in attending? The Biz to Biz Blackout networking event is

Color Theory

Understanding colors and the emotions they evoke Our Design Director, Meredith Coopman, discusses Color Theory in this article she wrote for Flathead Living Magazine. Color is personal and subjective. What elicits one reaction from a person may conjure a very different response from someone else. Sometimes this is due to personal preference,

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A New Location – InnSpace

 A new space for InnSpace! We are very excited to announce that we will be moving into a brand new space in The Falls building in early 2018!  Our space is being worked on right now. We will have the 3rd floor of this amazing building; that is the ground floor off of Commons

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