InnSpace is Best Western Endorsed

InnSpace is a Best Western Endorsed Supplier

For many years, InnSpace has been privileged to work on many hotels that are part of the Best Western brand. We are thrilled to announce that we have now officially contracted with Best Western to be one of their Endorsed Vendors / Suppliers. 

With the way that COVID-19 has affected the hospitality industry and all of us facing so many uncertainties over the last few months, one thing is for certain…Hotels, just like the rest of us, would have to adjust to the “new normal”, maybe a better way to put it is a “new usual” and make sure guests and employees felt safe and clean on the job and during their stay. 

At InnSpace, we have adapted our business model by expanding our services and working with our partners to release a new, Hands-Free Sanitizing Dispenser. Best Western has endorsed this product and promotes it with all their members and properties. 

These dispensers are not only hands-free, but they are completely mechanical (No batteries / Electricity) and they are fully adjustable for various sizes of pump-top sanitizer bottles. They can also be customized with your company logo or graphics. 

For more information on the Shield Hand Sanitizing Station, click here.

For information on Best Western’s, We Care Clean campaign, click here.


InnSpace is Best Western Endorsed
Best Western COO Ron Pohl