Who We Are

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InnSpace is a design, FF&E procurement, and construction company based in Kalispell, Montana. With over 20 years of experience and countless projects, we’ve built up a dedicated staff of hospitality and commercial renovation specialists.


Human – Mindful – Real

The end result of our services may be brick and mortar, but at the heart of each project is the real people that the future space will impact: our clients and their employees, customers, and guests.

This people-centric approach starts with our own dynamic team of talented individuals. The more inspired and mindful the InnSpace team is, the better the spaces we create will be.

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Humble – Collaborative – Passionate

The InnSpace model works because no matter what area of expertise each team member brings to the table, we all have the same passion for exceeding expectations for our clients.

To that effect, we recognize that fostering a collaborative environment is essential to our success, and we’ve developed a culture over the years in which all ideas are heard and appreciated.

What sets us apart further is our ability to be humble throughout this process. A project may be completed, but we’re always looking for ways to improve and push the limits.

Our Team

What We Do

TurnKey • Design • Build

There are many other great design firms, procurement companies, and general contractors out there for you to choose from. What lacks is the coordination and communication between these service providers and tradesmen. Unfortunately, the one who bears the brunt of these breakdowns is the client.

We put the best of these professions together into one office as a single offering: think Interior Designers collaborating both with FF&E Product Specialists and Construction Project Managers, all working as a team with and for you.

Who better to order the materials then the FF&E Product Specialist who worked with the Interior Designer to develop the specifications? What General Contractor would understand the vision better than the one who has been with the team from day one?

Our integrated vision and approach is what sets us apart. That’s InnSpace.


Our Approach


In the Traditional Process, the amount of communication lines is significant and thereby leaves many vulnerable spots for breakdown –a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Not only does this give more scope for problems to arise, it also fosters finger pointing between professions as these problems come up.


The InnSpace Process is designed around one direct line of communication between the client and provider. This not only works against communication breakdown it also prevents any finger pointing or blame game –there is only one place to go. InnSpace takes both control and responsibility for their projects.